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The Basics Of Any Estate Plan

Estate plans are not only for the wealthy. Estate plans are for anyone who has a house, a full-time job, or a family. Estate plans, just like families, come in many “shapes and sizes” and no one size fits all.

At Bryant Law PLLC, I customize your estate plan to fit your needs. Maybe all that you really need at this point in your life is a will. A recent health issue may warrant you creating a power of attorney (POA) and health care directive. Or, you may be at a point in your life where a trust makes sense.

Why Create A Plan?

There are many benefits to having an estate plan. The first is that a plan allows you to assess your assets. You can decide to whom each of your assets (bank accounts, home, possessions) should go.
This may put your mind at ease. Having a plan in place also works to prevent confusion or conflict by providing clear guidance for your family. Even for young people, advance directives and POAs are valuable as unexpected events (car accidents, cancer, COVID-19) can leave otherwise healthy people incapacitated.

What Is Included In A Will?

A will details not only “who gets what” but typically also includes a POA (someone designated to be able to handle your finances if you are unable to), and a health care directive and proxy (see below).

A will can be as simple or detailed as you feel necessary. You can also express who you want to take care of your children or your pets. If you do not make these decisions, then they will be left to Washington state. A will affords you the opportunity to, in a sense, speak your piece. You may have reasons for giving someone something or not going the typical route. In some cases, you may wish also to establish a special relationship in writing so there is no confusion about what you want to happen.

What Advantages Does A Trust Provide?

The main advantage to any trust is that it protects your assets. A trust is a strong protection that ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Establishing a trust is doing the heavy lifting now. It will save time and paperwork and can spare your estate some taxes if correctly established.
A properly funded trust will avoid probate, saving thousands in court costs and attorney fees. Moreover, living trusts assist with long-term care planning and aging issues by protecting against costly conservator or guardianship court proceedings, often called “living probate.”

Why Have A Financial Power Of Attorney?

You want to choose now who should be able to handle your finances if a health crisis arises. A POA gives the person you designate a clear legal authority. People who have special needs or who are in nonmarital partnerships can benefit from having a POA. Without the correct documents, unmarried individuals could be prevented from caring for their loved ones and denied access to medical information.

What Does An Advance Directive Do?

An advance directive (or health care directive) tells your family and medical providers what your health care wishes are prior to a crisis. This means if you are in a serious car accident, or if you have suffered a stroke or if you are in a coma, everyone will know which measures you want taken to save your life.
This document can also communicate what you do not want to happen. You may wish to designate a health care proxy, someone who will, whenever there is uncertainty, make the decisions and communicate this with the doctors or nurses who are taking care of you. Get more answers to your estate planning questions.

A Foundation In Compassion

Compassion is the foundation of every interaction I have with my clients. I work to help you understand the process while giving you the guidance you need to create a plan that fits your specific needs.

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